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What if?

Family Coaching


What if…every member of your family understood the purpose and value of connecting and building strong relationships. What if…your family mastered open and honest communication. What if…your family had vision, support, conflict resolution skills and integrity towards a prosperous lasting family legacy.

Pre-marital Coaching


What if…you could find comfort and success in your marriage before it began? How would it feel to start your marriage off with an even stronger foundation of effective communication, values, and action plans towards growing together and having guiding principles that promotes fearlessness against divorce?


Marital Coaching


What if…your marriage could grow into the oneness marriage God designed for you. What if…your marriage had new dreams and aspirations realized, guiding principles, deeper levels of trust and honesty, which leads to amazing intimacy and passion; powerfully refreshing and revitalizing your marriage.

Personal Coaching


What if…you could truly live the dream? How would it feel to do the thing you are most passionate about every day of your life. What if…you could take full ownership of your life and add lasting change? What if…there was a way to achieve the goal(s) that you have determined is impossible. What if…the dream, vision, or hope of your heart was now not only in your reach but in your hands.

Spiritual Formation


What if…you could hear God’s direction, maintain excitement about your salvation like the first day of receiving Jesus Christ, and could deepen your relationship with God? What if…you understood the Kingdom principles, your purpose in the Kingdom, and could walk in spiritual authority in your everyday life?

Healing the Family Coaching, LLC is passionate about moving you beyond your past and bringing your life forward.


“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.”

Romans 8:37

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What makes Healing the Family Coaching different? Unity is our passion, our purpose, and the goal for you and your family. We coach you and your family because we want your family’s success. Psalm 68: 6 says, “God sets the solitary in the families;” It is our focus to build great Kingdom families one person at a time. We believe God brings families together in many God specific ways. It is our purpose to help establish unity in the families and bring God’s whole Family together.

What to Expect


Weekly/Bi-weekly Sessions


Goal Setting & Achievement

Constant Contact

Support & Accountability

Healing the Family coaching focuses on restoration, forward advancement in your life, and the Kingdom of God.

5 Comprehensive Coaching Services






Coaching Service Packages

Healing the Family Coaching believes GREAT Coaching takes time. We offer 3 month, 6 month, and 12-month packages. In each package, you will receive: one hour phone calls (or video chats) every two weeks (additional calls if needed), unlimited emails, discount access to self-teaching tools, goal tracking, confidentiality, and assistance with strategic planning.

We want to partner with you as you invest in your emotional, physical, and spiritual health. These aspects of your life are priceless and growth is necessary for whole life satisfaction. Schedule a FREE consultation.