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Are you ready to have thriving relationships become the foundation to living the abundant life? Unlock your potential to be successful at home, work, and in business. Achieve your personal, relationship, and self-development goals.

Develop Focus

Aligning Values

Overcoming Obstacles

Achieving Goals

Living Life Abundantly

Family Coaching

Providing Parent(s) & Child(ren) support in developing healthy relationships in Single, Dual and Blended Family constructs.

Pre-Marital Coaching

Fortify your marriage for a lasting, loving relationship for years to come.

Marriage Coaching

Keep you and your partner growing together by creating better communication, understanding & emotional connectedness as you move through life’s developmental changes.

Spiritual Formation

Strengthen your relationship with God. Develop focus, behavior changes, practices and disciplines that will lead you to a more peaceful life.

Personal/Relationship Coaching

Move your dream to a vision. Create a plan and set goals that will give you the life you want. Get unbiased support to achieve your goal. Learn to develop healthy relationships that will last for a life time.

What Is Family Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

Family coaching is understanding and developing healthy relationships with family members (to include blended families). It is getting unbiased support to face normal human development challenges and stay connected as a family.

Family coaching is for any family who desires continuous trusted communication, the experience of less hurtful encounters with family members and tools to prevent family trauma that comes from areas of choice such as:

  • Anger, Overwhelm, & Stress
  • Unhealthy Conflicts and Communication
  • Divorce
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Family Coaching

What if…Every member of your family understood the purpose of connecting and building strong relationships. What if…Your family mastered the value of communication, vision, and family values such as support, encouragement, honesty, conflict resolution and integrity towards a prosperous and lasting legacy. Healing the Family Coaching can help.
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Pre-Marital Coaching

What if…You could find comfort and success in your marriage before it began? How would it feel to start your marriage off with an even stronger foundation of effective communication, values, and action plans towards growing together and having guiding principles that promotes fearlessness against divorce?
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Marriage Coaching

What if…Your marriage could grow into the oneness marriage God designed for you. What if…Your marriage had new dreams and aspirations realized, guiding principles, deeper levels of trust and honesty, which leads to amazing intimacy and passion, powerfully refreshing and revitalizing your marriage. Healing the Family Coaching, LLC is here to help you achieve this goal. Learn how.

Spiritual Formation

What if…You could hear God’s direction, maintain excitement about your salvation like the first day of receiving Jesus Christ, and could deepen your relationship with God? What if…You understood the Kingdom principles, your purpose in the Kingdom, and could walk in spiritual authority in your everyday life? Healing the Family Coaching, LLC can help you get there. Learn how.

Personal/Relationship Coaching

What if…You could truly live the dream? How would it feel to do the thing you are most passionate about every day of your life. What if…You could take full ownership of your life and add lasting relationship with people you enjoy?  Healing the Family Coaching, LLC is here to help you Live the abundant life.
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“Demetrica is down to earth and professional. Accountability is key when working with her. In this process, what I realized the most is I was pursuing relationships and career choices that did not fit my purpose. Now I feel a sense of freedom.”

Ms. D. Judy

“Working with Demetrica allowed me to see many of the obstacles that has caused me to be heartbroken because me dreams and desires had not come. I was just about to give up. Demetrica has a heart to see people succeed, truly. When I saw how much she wanted it for me, my desire to have my purpose fulfilled became greater. I now have the license for my dog business and I am working on my first book on small doggie care. I don’t plan to stop getting coaching. Thanks, Ms. Demetrica! I appreciate you.”

Raleigh, North Carolina