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Amazing News with a FREE Gift!

Hello Family and Friends, I pray this letter has reached you in great health and living the abundant life. I am writing you because we have made a connection and I have some Amazing News to share. Please take a moment to be updated on the Amazing News! Since 2006, God...

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Grateful for the Yes & the No

I am grateful for God’s “yes” and His “no’s”. Take a look back at some of the things God told you yes about and some of the things you got a resounding no about. Carefully look at them. Objectively look at them. Can you see how they would not have fit in the life you...

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Transparent: The Jacket…

I recently brought a jacket. It was the perfect purchase. It was on sale and it was something I always wanted. How could I go wrong? I put the jacket on in the presence of my daughter. She immediately said, “No!” It was not about the style of the jacket or the type of...

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The Promise of A Mate…

As a Counselor, Coach, and Minster of the Kingdom of Heaven, I am often asked about the promise of a mate. There are so many single women and so many single men. I get it from both sides. So, I thought it would be nice to repost a blog I did some time ago on the Woman...

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Don’t Be Convinced!

Don’t be convinced by the whispering words of the adversary. He will tell you that you are not good enough, you don’t have enough knowledge, you are too this or too that. He will tell you it is because you don’t have the right body type or have the right color of...

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Thank you for the seed…

To the single mothers who nurtured the seed he left behind, it is time to forgive and say Thank you. Here is my thank you… Thank you for the seed you left behind for we have watered her, loved her, and patiently waited for her to bloom. Thank you for the seed you left...

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Getting Present with My Writing

I love to write! This is an absolute. However, at this juncture of my life, I feel as if I am fighting against the tide and time to do what my heart loves. My time is not my own. I love to create words, find out what they really mean and understand how I am actually...

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The feel of a Writer…

  Being who I am...always wanting to be prepared, if I can. I wondered how I should start my new blog. I did the research and felt it best to come from the heart of who I am...a writer. So, the feel of a Writer, I discovered is amazing and forever creative. I think of...

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