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Lay-Counseling is one on one counseling in a non-clinical environment by a trained mental health professional. At Healing the Family Coaching, Demetrica Mathews, MA, CPC integrates Attachment Theory in the process of providing client-focused, goal-oriented mental and emotional health services. The practice of HFC is to encourage hope and success as a daily attitude towards each client’s life while applying biblical principles with results to life’s difficult times. HFC’s Lay-Counseling process has a focus on caring for others spiritual, emotional, relational, intellectual, and physical health, which shapes every individual’s core character. The core character leads to the life you desire.

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My Approach to Lay-Counseling

My approach to Lay-Counseling provides the space you need to freely express hidden and apparent feelings. The focus is to improve your life, and to reach your personal or family goals. To achieve this outcome, coaching is coupled with counseling support without judgment. As a mental health professional, I can assess and address counseling needs as necessary to achieve your personal outcome. The overarching goal is to bring healing to the hurt areas of your life, while preventing or overcoming obstacles. Using comprehensive coaching skills, assessments, and faith-based tools, I assist you in establishing goal-oriented tasks on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This is all done with accountability and support. Lay-Counseling is tailored to each client. Like our coaching, no cookie cutter services are offered. We want to see you grow to your fullest potential and that is task number one.

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