Pre-Marital Coaching

Lasting Loving Marriage from the beginning

Be Intentional…Start with a plan…Not a problem.

Marriage is a BIG step…Don’t you agree?

What if you could make that BIG step a much smaller step?
What would it look like?
How would you do it?

You may have heard it said over and over how marriage is a big step. But imagine for a moment that God did not intend for marriage to be so big. What if He intended for the union of marriage to be sweet, loving, glorious and exciting. Can you imagine the beauty of a marital union like that?

You can make the BIG step a lot smaller through Pre-Marital coaching.


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Most couples seek pre-marital counseling as a way to ensure a great marriage or to get advice about marriage, because who knows how to be married before they get married. Couples also get pre-marital counseling out of obligation to the Pastor or even family members. Everyone wants to make sure your head is on straight before you commit to avoid divorce.

Pre-Marital Counseling is Great…And it works for many.

But Pre-Marital coaching is BETTER for those who would like a plan.


Because it makes the BIG step so much smaller.


Pre-Marital coaching does ONE thing FAR BETTER than counseling…it allows the couple to decide what will make a successful marriage for them. All marriages are not the same and the best people to form and establish what happens in a marriage is the three people in the marriage.

What…THREE people?

Yes. Glad you asked.

Christ must be at the center of your marriage. He is the One who will help you create a safe haven for you and your spouse. His Word must be the final say in all matters of the marriage. Coaching encourages you to establish what is best for you and your spouse from this day forward. It shows you how to be triumphant in your marriage before it even begins.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

Proverbs 16:3

Pre-Marital coaching assists you and your fiancé in strategizing and setting marital parameters like:

  • Protecting the union in a safe haven of emotional connectedness.
  • Effective communication between you and your fiancé, which results in fewer misunderstandings leading to arguing or distance.
  • Marital values to define the precious treasures of your marriage.
  • Lasting intimacy that goes beyond the bedroom into how you connect with your spouse all day long.
  • Learning Conflict Resolution that keeps you and your spouse from running to the door.
  • etting goal, making plans and taking action.

Did you know “cold feet” is a manifestation of fear? Why should you fear entering into a marriage founded on love and trust?

STOP the fear…Make all the BIG steps smaller steps…and rejoice in the blessing of your pending marriage. Get Coached!

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Great Coaching Takes Time To Achieve Great Transformation.


Healing the Family Coaching & Counseling, PLLC

offers Pre-Marital coaching services at $120 per hour.

Marital Coaching process Includes:

  • Free coaching consultation
  • 60-minute assessment & goal setting session
  • 60-minute video sessions bi-weekly
  • Unlimited email/text support

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