Spiritual Formation

Being Your Authentic-Self

Building Your Relationship with God

Know God, Grow your spirit, Have a high Esteem for your calling, meet your Authentic-self & Live the abundant life.

Are you a believer in Jesus Christ, but you feel as if you are so far from God?

Do you feel stuck or stagnate in your walk?

Are you tired of going through the same tests and trials?

It is the purpose, plan, and will of God for people to grow in their spiritual walk. Growing in your spiritual walk means to increase your spiritual understanding of who God is and who you are in Him. It also means growing your relationship with Him.
With all the hustle and bustle of church, church meetings, ministry duties, and life in general, it is quite possible for your own personal relationship with God to go underdeveloped.

However, your spiritual growth is of the upmost importance. It is impossible to develop a relationship with God through works only.

Imagine for a moment…

You are where you always wanted to be in your walk with God.

What would that look like?
Does your prayer life increase?
Are you studying your Bible more often?
How do you feel about the direction of your life or your decisions?
Do you feel confident that God hears you and is working things out for your good?

Spiritual Formation Coaching helps you develop the relationship with God that you desire. Spiritual Formation Coaching offers Accountability, Encouragement, a Support structure for change, Motivation, and Personal space.

Spiritual Formation Coaching guides you through:

  • Developing spiritual disciplines {Bible study habits, Prayer time, etc.}
  • Hearing from God for yourself
  • Application of biblical wisdom in your everyday life
  • Understanding Kingdom principles so you can live the abundant life
  • Moving from the “have to” spend time with God to longing to spend time with God

Great Coaching Takes Time to Achieve Great Transformation

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