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Coaching Services

Pre-Marital Coaching

Get the tools you need to promote proper growth balance, like positive and safe conflict. Fortify your marriage for a lasting, loving relationship for years to come.

Couple & Marriage Coaching

Keep you and your partner growing together by creating better communication, understanding & emotional connectedness as you move through life’s developmental changes.

Spiritual Formation

Strengthen your relationship with God. Develop focus, behavior changes, practices and disciplines that will lead you to a more peaceful life.

Personal/Relationship Coaching

Move your dream to a vision. Create a plan and set goals that will give you the life you want. Get unbiased support to achieve your goal. Learn to develop healthy relationships that will last for a life time.

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Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

Individual sessions are tailored to your needs. It is time to release the stress, emotional injuries, and unwanted messages. Get a free consult and talk directly to Demetrica.

Couples Counseling

Couples make the relationship; the relationship does not make the couple. Counseling is an opportunity to reconnect with your partner. Find the love again. A free 15 min consult is the perfect start.

Personal & Relationship Counseling

Relationships outside of family need support too. Friendships, Associates, Co-workers, Neighbors, etc., need intentional care and proper grieving when damaged or lost.

Family Counseling

We provide counseling services to Parents & Children (any age) helping to support the development of healthy relationships in Single, Dual, and Blended Family constructs.

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