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Building Strong Legacies

Create Unity, Create Healing, Create your legacy, It Starts Today!

/ were all designed and created to be relational. This means it is written in our human DNA to have relationships. Family is the first and most important relationship, because it teaches us how to have or build relationships with others outside of family. Families are the foundation of the world because families promote unity and where there is unity there is power. Being a part of a family empowers individuals to great success or great defeat. Family Coaching assists families in developing unity within the family unit. While family has a divine purpose, it is not always developed or managed well.

Tired of confusion and frustration among members of your family?
Are you over the screaming and yelling creating distance with those you love?
Are you honestly tired of praying for family with little to no results?

Happy family standing on the beach at the sunset time.

Take a deep breath and imagine for a moment…

What would your life be like if you and your family were totally healed from hurtful words and deeds, free from discontent and discouragement, and walking in unity, the way God intended?

Family coaching can assist you in having the loving family you desire.

Maybe you have a blended family. In times past, a blended family was called a step-family. Being a part of a blended family has many challenges. Family Coaching can be the source to change those challenges into triumphs as well.

Remember this…
“So you shall rejoice in every good thing which the Lord your God has given to you and your house, you and the Levite and the stranger who is among you.” Deuteronomy 26:11

Family Word Cloud

Let’s be honest…Nurturing, loving, and growing a family today is a challenge. Marriage and family is one of the most challenging jobs in the world, because we love our family so much and it literally hurts to the heart when they are out of control or making hurtful choices. 
The truth was spoken years ago, when someone said, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Yes! It also takes a village to raise a family.

Family Coach, Demetrica Mathews is familiar with raising a family. She is well verse in her own family as well as being an encouragement to other families. Demetrica also knows counseling, mentoring, and other helping services are not always the answer for every family. Every family deserves the right fit to help them prosper. Demetrica and Healing the Family Coaching want to be your village through our coaching services! We want to walk along side of you to help your family prosper. Our personal goal is to see you receive strategies and techniques to keep you prospering for generations to come.

You will gain techniques to foster:

  • Kingdom Leadership in the Family
  • Reconnect with distant family members
  • The Power of a mission and vision for your family
  • Conflict Resolution skills
  • Best practices for establishing family values
  • Effective relationship building that last for generations
  • Life habits for continued success

Coaching is designed to allow you to gain and remain in control of every area of your life. You make sound choices to fit your family’s unique character. The job of the coach is to encourage, hold you accountable and allow you a safe place to freely build and realize your dream for your family. The skills you will learn are invaluable to the progression of your family.

Great Coaching Leads to Great Transformation


Healing the Family Coaching, LLC

offers Family coaching services for starting at $125.

Family Coaching process includes:

  • Free coaching consultation
  • 90-minute assessment & goal setting session
  • One 60-minute video session per week or bi-weekly
  • Unlimited email/text support
  • Occasional brief check-in calls (if needed)

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My Approach to Coaching

My approach to coaching provides empathy and compassion, an aim to improve your life, and to reach your personal and family goals. To achieve this outcome, coaching is coupled with counseling support without judgment. As a mental health professional, I can assess and address counseling needs as necessary (at request) to achieve your personal outcome. The overarching goal is to be clear about where you are and move you to where you want to be while preventing or overcoming various obstacles. Using comprehensive coaching skills, assessments, and faith-based tools, I assist you in establishing goal-oriented tasks on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis with accountability and support to the finish line. I see coaching as a client-focused process by which coaching must be tailored for each client. No cookie cutter services. We want to see you grow to your fullest potential and that is task number one.