Q & A about Help with Therapy

What You Need to Know About Therapy.

What is the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

Therapy (Counseling) seeks to help you heal past emotional injuries and bring you emotionally forward. Therapy has a doctor-patient type relationship. The Therapist diagnoses and provides treatment toward a path of healing.

Here are some must-knows about Therapist:

  • A Therapist requires education, training, and licensing.
  • Therapy is a process. Very often not a quick fix.
  • Therapy requires the development of a professional relationship.
  • In Therapy, the change you experience may be both expected and unexpected.
  • Therapy does not always require a diagnosis.
  • Therapy can be highly emotional.
  • Therapy is confidential by law and by ethics, with some exclusions.
  • Therapy requires the right fit. Every Therapist cannot counsel every type of client.
  • A Therapist treats mental and emotional disorders, relationship issues, and life challenges. Your experience will not be the same as others because you are you.
  • Therapists do not prescribe medication. However, they should work with a Psychiatrist who does.
  • Therapists can specialize in Mental, Emotional, and Relational health.
  • Therapists are human too.

Coaching focuses on the client’s present and offers guidance for a desirable future. Coaching provides a co-creative partnership allowing the client to discover their answers. A Coach stands with the client helping them overcome challenges and obtaining victory while holding the client accountable.

How will we meet?

Currently, all services are provided via telehealth (video conferencing).

Do you take my insurance?

We provide private pay services only. However, you can still get your insurance benefits by submitting easily accessible invoices from our client portal for reimbursement.

What is Coaching?

Coaching works as a partnership between the coach and the client. It helps clarify goals, make them less challenging, and motivate the client toward great success. Coaching does not answer how I can improve but helps you clarify what you need to improve and improve. Coaching helps you gain control of your life by evaluating what you are doing now in your life in the light of your goals, dreams, values, and intentions. Coaching gives you new choices that lead to change. Coaching helps people go beyond the mental blocks of what they thought was possible.

How does Coaching work?

A coach will help you explore the present and design your future. It will enable you to achieve your goals and live your values. A coach is at your service.

What types of Coaching does Healing the Family offer?

All forms of Coaching pertain to the six elements of self {Spiritual, Emotional, Relational, Intellectual, Physical, and Financial}.

Life & Family Coaching
A life and family coach deals with the client’s life in all dimensions – personal and professional, health, and relationships. Life and Family coaches often help clients in their work because work is an essential part of life, but their focus is not wholly on work. A life and family coach is professionally trained to handle all aspects of a client’s life.

What is the fastest way to connect with Demetrica?

The fastest way to connect with Demetrica is to sent a text (910) 502-0729 or  send an email to [email protected]. Once you reach out, I will reach back and we can schedule your free consultation.


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